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We handle your calls, emails, chats, and more!

Revolutionize your customer support and outsource to the Philippines.

At One Luna Global Connections our passion is helping our partners provide an exceptional customer experience. And with today’s consumers having more power than ever before, they also have a higher expectation from your brand. Especially when it comes to customer service.


The Customer Service Capital of the World

With hundreds of thousands of experienced customer support agents in the Philippines, the country has grown to be the customer service hub of the world. Build your ideal customer support team with One Luna Global Connections.

Phone Specialist

For many businesses, the telephone remains the primary means of interacting with customers. Thanks to the country’s strong English-speaking workforce, the Philippines has become the go-to destination for outsourcing call centers and answering services. Businesses of all sizes from solopreneurs to Fortune 500 companies trust the Philippines as their primary means of customer interactions.

Email Specialist

Ideal for any size business that has a high volume of email tickets and needs a quick response. Able to write in great English, Filipinos are ideal to handle high-volumes of email tickets for your business.

Live Chat Specialist

Many businesses spend tons of money on driving visitors to their website or social media accounts but leave out the human touch. Provide your customers with a better experience when they land on your website or any other social platforms and have a real human greet them.

Expand your business with confidence

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